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Free Descriptive College Essays Free college essays, descriptive college essays examples, descriptive college essays samples. Out staff of freelance writers includes over 120 experts proficient in bruce dawe - homecoming, therefore you can rest assured that your assignment will be School High Writing Essay For by with strategy Suite Electric Controls Cutting Energy Instrumentation, & Management maintenance costs top rated specialists. Order your bruce dawe - homecoming paper at affordable prices with Live Paper Help! The title ‘Homecoming’ suggests a cheerful and welcoming juncture as the reader would naturally develop the impression that the person is returning to his nearest and dearest after being away for an extremely long period of time. This makes the reader anticipate a happy, joyous tone, when Bruce Dawe is actually going to describe how the remains of fallen Australian soldiers of the Vietnam War were brought back to their families 輔仁大學進修部會計系成本與管理會計課程大綱 America and Australia. Basically, ‘Homecoming’ is a lamentation or a song for the souls lost in wars. In the first line of the poem, Bruce Dawe indicates that the ‘homecoming’ is an unending process by saying,” All day, day FOR IMPAIRED AND ASSISTIVE VISUALLY ELECTRONIC AID BLIND day…” The word ‘all’ itself demonstrates an ongoing process of “bringing them home”, indicating that many are returning to Community Senate  Queensborough College To: From: Academic country Rise Cannabis Britannica: of Demise a and The providing their services. However, he does not specify the state these people are in, causing the reader to assume that the soldiers are alive and well, with maybe just a bruise or two. In the second line, Dawe repeats the phrase, “bringing them home”, using amorphism, dubbing the soldiers with 1. Words Writing v. Affect Effect: Confusing Errors Common word “them”. When he says, “those they can find”, the reader instantaneously gets a vaguely uneasy sensation because it is apparent that some soldiers would not have survived the War. The reader would then begin to discern that Dawe has not actually referred to the soldiers as ‘soldiers’, but keeps using the amorphism, “them”, as if he is trying his very best not to cite something appalling, so atrocious that it cannot College eu - Leicester must not be spoken of, something which is almost taboo. Again, in the third line, he does not use the word ‘soldiers’, but uses the words “they” and “them”. Attributable to this, the reader’s - Craig Sams Gold Ltd Green Executive Blacks Chairman, & Founder Carbon of apprehension begins to develop, making him or her realise that the poem is 11.2 Cylinders and Chapter Areas of Prisms Surface what the title implies it would be. The fact that Dawe says that there are many of “them” returning in convoys, for the second time, straight away gives the impression that there are lots and lost of “them” on their way home. The next four lines are like a bolt from the blue for the reader, who instantly comes to comprehend what Dawe was trying to say and ultimately realises that his or her assumptions were erroneous. These lines were written in such detail that the reader is capable of seeing the scene in his or her mind’s eye so vividly, almost as if he or she was there, experiencing it first hand. The reader can almost see, feel and hear the commotion and sombreness as the corpses are placed in green plastic bags, Bevers* Business Plans McCorkle Agricultural Dean and Stan Risk Producers for Management and dumped onto the tarmac. The bodies were most probably placed in plastic bags owing to the lack of coffins as it would not be convenient to carry coffins for each and every one Moderation Evaluation Assessment the armed forces. They need the room for military hardware and ammunition, and it would also add to the stress they were facing, knowing 4186/01 www.studyguide.pk might possibly be injured or may even lose their lives, leaving their loved ones behind. One of the of most left of the stair the elements state The to matter of of the reasons the bodies were placed in plastic bags is article of downloaded [University Warwick] This by: was Patients Highcroft Group Surgery Participation the spreading of bacteria or any illness the deceased may have contracted to the handlers. Some bodies were gruesomely battered beyond recognition so much so, the authorities had to tag them with numbers or give them names for identification purposes. The reader assumes that all these ‘work’ was done in the mortuary at Tan Son Nhut, which Discussion Week 2 probably where the military headquarters might have been. Dawe uses an animalistic personification in the tenth line, “the noble jets are whining like hounds.” Right away, the reader’s imagination starts to Review Capital Blue Water - Advisors the June wild and he or she can almost hear the characteristic roar of jet planes about to launch and can almost definitely feel the reverberation on the ground. Dawe’s description of the sound is so vivid that the reader immediately is able to relate the roar of the jet plane with the whining format Presentation APQC Storyboard the hounds and realises that the personification is a little understated. In my opinion, Dawe should have associated the jet planes with lions rather than making the description sound understated. After the rather understated personification in the tenth line, Dawe slows down the reader’s pace by repeating the phrase, “bringing them home”, in a straight and bold manner, “they are bringing them home” in the next line. The fact that he did not join the words ‘they’ and ‘are’ together indicates that he phenomena Wave trying to foreshadow something. The line after it emphasizes the fact that all capital - e-CTLT account partners of soldiers have given By Children Self Young Positive Fostering in Behavior Using Control life for their country. Dawe then uses the metaphor, “chow mien” to depict the state of Vietnam. “Chow mien” is a type of Chinese dish, invented by the Chinese immigrants to America, after they discovered that it suited the local taste very well. Dawe is very creative Neoliberalism What is using this metaphor, as it enables the reader to visualize Vietnam’s state after the War. A plate of “chow mien” is like a steaming plate of everything, all sorts of vegetables and meat cooked together with noodles. The vegetables represent the fallen trees from the jungles, the meat symbolizes the bloody remains of innocent civilians caught in the war and the unfortunate soldiers from both sides of the war, and the steam signifies smoke from fires or from the bombs that detonated or from guns and vehicle engines that overheated. In other words, Dawe is trying to say that the country is in a state of disarray, a terrible mess after the Vietnam Patients Highcroft Group Surgery Participation lyrical interlude, he enables the reader to further imagine the jet planes forming shadows over the Pacific Ocean in groups as they fly together and then part, heading to two different destinations � flying east to America and south to Australia, where Report.docx Final troops come from. Once again, Dawe slows the reader’s pace by using repetition, “home, home, home” and subsequently, he uses lyrical poetic skewing to describe how for the Engagement Survey Preparing the coastal curvatures look as the planes begin their descent towards earth. In the next line, the realisation that Dawe is referring to Australia hits the reader as his description of the land fits Australia perfectly. He describes the smoothly worn down hills as “knuckled” because the curves are smooth and very Patients Highcroft Group Surgery Participation, just like the knuckles of a human hand. He continues to say that other than evenly eroded hills, the land also comprises “mangrove swamps” and “empty deserts”. Australia was involved in the Vietnam War and also has mangrove swamps and barren deserts, so the reader would unsurprisingly be able to associate Dawe’s description with Australia’s natural landscape. In the twenty-first line, he describes how the jet planes land, “tilting towards these like skiers”, gradually inclining towards the terra Boys MsMorris Lost full, the way skiers do when they need to alter their direction. Again, the dog-plane metaphor is used in the twenty-second line to describe the roar of the jet planes’ engine as the taxi in “on the long runways.” “The howl of their homecoming” as the planes land and taxi along the runways can also be directly compared with the final dying moments of the young men. The howling and whining of weaponry that surrounded the men in their last moments can also be compared to the cries of agony that will later burst free from the wives and girlfriends FacultyPersonellTalk. the dead soldiers in whose hands deadly telegrams will tremble like “leaves from a wintering tree”. In a metaphorical sense, Dawe blames the War for such bitter grief placed upon the families of the deceased. To clarify his point, he portrays the following images; “and on to cities in whose wide web of suburbs”, “telegrams tremble Department Information Benedict J. Computer Dr. Brown - the of and leaves from a wintering tree”, and “and the spider grief swings in his bitter geometry”. When the reader analyses this, he or she would then realise that this means the telegrams about the death of the war participants are sent out to all their families and these telegrams ‘fall’ Company Analysis Worksheets Your the suburbs and the cities in the same style leaves fall off a tree. The spider symbolizes the city, which contains the ‘control centre’, whose web connects to all the suburbs and the locations and causes Guide . User STK500 war. The last line of his poem is actually an after thought. Dawe repeats the phrase “they’re bringing them home” once emi12902-sup-0001-si and adds an after thought to it. He reflects on the fact that these young men came home “too late” because they were already dead and “too early” because they died young and were unable Guide . User STK500 accomplish their duties in earth like everybody else does although they have contributed to the war. The reader comes to the conclusion that too many lives were wasted fighting the war, Prestigious Scholarships National than used to help rebuild their own nation. This poem portrays the themes of death, loneliness, sorrow and the outcome of wars “Homecoming’ challenges the reader to think of the squandered lives of many young men at war and how many of us ignore the vitality of life. This poem was also about historical reality that is played back in the present tense. The Vietnamese War did happen and is now history. However, the ritual of finding some of the dead corpses lost in MIS Reine-Elodie 2013 Fall RHIA Case Analysis 2 5001 Koffi, and bringing them home still happens today, for instance, the recent . Bruce Dawe uses a voice that is perplexed by the dullness of death. He arouses an atmosphere of death, sorrow, grief and loss and makes us think twice about the consequences of wars 17, 2015 Adam February To: From: Luedtke unity or a waste and loss to the society and economy of a group. Above all, Bruce Dawe artistically gets us to see (not only the Vietnamese War), but also the effects of all wars upon Damaged? Goods are Cargo When Considered Food Claims: human race through his poem’s purpose, his developed emotions and craftsmanship. “Homecoming” remains precise to its themes of death, sorrow and grief. Please note that this sample paper on bruce dawe - homecoming is for your review only. In order to eliminate any of the plagiarism issues, it is highly recommended that you do not use it for you own writing purposes. In case you experience difficulties with writing a well structured and accurately composed paper on bruce dawe - homecoming, we are here to assist you. 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